Create a Hobby Room: Turn a Spare Room into a Crafter’s Paradise

Get ideas for creating your own hobby or craft room with everything you need conveniently stored and at your fingertips.

If you’re the crafty sort then you’ve probably got boxes of notions, yarn, paints, fabric swatches and a load of other crafting supplies that are either tucked away and hard to get to or they’re spread all over the place and creating quite a mess. Clean up the mess and keep your supplies where you need them by turning unused space into your dream hobby room.

Each crafter is different and has specific demands for their favorite pastimes so there are no universal rules or products that work for everyone. Instead, consider your needs and what would be most useful to you. Also look at your space to determine what will actually fit in the room. Be practical about your limitations and needs and you’ll be happiest with the end result.

The Craft Table

The craft table or hobby work area is the most important part of your craft room and probably will be the centerpiece and thing that most people see first. Spend a little extra on your craft table to get one that really suits your needs. Skip the card table and go for a table designed specifically for crafts and hobbies. Some of them have special storage for products, some keep tools right at hand, and some are feature adjustable height so you have more flexibility. Determine what size table you need and what features are most important to you then treat yourself to this one extravagance.

Peg and Cork Boards

Take advantage of every square inch of space and make the walls count. Attach pegboard and/or corkboards so you can store tools within reach and pin-up patterns and inspiration elements that you’re currently working with. You can paint both cork and pegboard to make it more attractive and to blend into the wall. You can even purchase squares of cork that can be stuck to the wall in a border type fashion, making it a bit more visually and aesthetically interesting.

Storage Options

Look for stores that sell used or unwanted kitchen cabinetry at deep discounts. These cabinets are usually perfect for housing craft supplies and many times they come with a handy countertop attached. Don’t feel trapped by the current condition of the cupboards, go ahead and paint them, stencil on them, line them with contact paper, or attach a new countertop that is more your style. Purchase smaller storage containers to keep like objects together and easy to find.


Detailed craft work requires ample lighting so task specific lighting is typically very useful. Look for a lamp with a moveable arm to position it where you need it or have a couple different lighting options available for different areas and tasks.

Flooring or Seating

If your craft requires a lot of standing then you’ll want to add flooring that isn’t hard on your feet, knees, or back. Look for rubber mats that will provide you the best support, purchase it in attractively colored squares that can be linked together and moved as necessary. If you’ll be sitting a lot you’ll want to find a chair that is not only comfortable but one that provides a lot of support so you won’t injure yourself doing something you love.

Remember when creating your perfect craft or hobby room that it’s really all about you so search for products that fit your needs, budget, and space. Once you get organized you’ll be amazed how much more fun your favorite hobby suddenly becomes.