10 Quick and Inexpensive Room Updates: 10 Ways you can Refresh your Décor in a Short Time for Less

Sometimes it just takes a little touch here and there to refresh an old decorating scheme. With these 10 cheap items, you can make your home look new and energized.

If you’re on a limited budget and want to make some changes to your home decor but without stretching your already thin finances further, use the following 10 decorating tricks

Look for Lamps

Brighten your rooms with great lamps. Don’t just buy the first one you find, but take the time to look for unusual and perfect lamps that seem to speak to you. Let your lamps do more than add light, let them have a personality of their own.

Unusual Art

Add artistic touches that are a bit out of the norm, consider items that are not normally thought of as artwork. Antiques are a great place to start as the small collection of antique bottles made in Wisconsin (shown in the photo) proves. In addition, the photo features a simple, inexpensive full-length mirror resting lengthwise on the mantle to create more visual interest.

Crazy Chair

Look for a unique chair that’s just a little bit off and you’ve got a wonderful conversation starter and additional seating. This chair doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that appeals to you because of its looks and form. You also don’t have to match the chair to the rest of the home, go for something that doesn’t match in fact.

Frame Crazy

Use frames for things other than pictures. Consider framing notes and mementos from days gone by. Use shadowbox frames to draw attention to treasured items such as a generational piece of jewelry, a shell collected on the beach on your honeymoon, any little trinket you’ve got tucked away because of its sentimental value.

Use Books

Books can be great conversation starters. Rather than going with traditional coffee table books, put out a few that really say something about you. If you’re interested in a scholarly area of study, put a few of those books out. If you like knitting, put some knitting pattern books on your coffee table. And don’t haphazardly display your treasured books, but use them as supports for other knickknacks, or to raise candles and give them height interest.


Throw pillows with vivid patterns or bright colors can really enliven a room and they typically don’t cost much, especially if you know how to work a sewing machine. And if you are going to do it yourself, how about using a color photocopier and iron on paper to create your own unique fabric.

Bring In the Garden

Whether you add plants to your decorating scheme or garden accessories, a little touch of the outside really refreshes the inside. Think outside the box and invest in some garden accessories, a bird bath with a glass top makes a great coffee table. And plants give every room new energy.

Use Words

Consider decorating with words throughout the home to give it more visual interest. Large quotes painted on one wall are now common and popular, especially in children’s rooms and kitchens, but by being creative you can use words in better ways. Rather than adding stripes to a wall, use stencils and write in the stripes. Much more interesting and full of excitement and meaning, words are the way to go.

Look Down

Add some visual interest to your floor. A hand latched rug in personalized colors is a great way to bring excitement to a room. Or paint a large piece of canvas and create a floor cloth that shows your artistic skill. Neither of these ideas requires real skill as abstract art is something everyone can do.

Find the Time

Clocks are a great inexpensive decorating item. Create a unique collection of clocks in an artistic arrangement, make your own clocks out of unusual items, run ribbon through old watch faces or come up with your own vision.

These inexpensive decorating tricks help you spruce up your décor without spending a lot of time and money. They’re also great ways to infuse a little personality into your home. Remember the best decorating schemes say something special about the people who live there.