Create a Hobby Room: Turn a Spare Room into a Crafter’s Paradise

Get ideas for creating your own hobby or craft room with everything you need conveniently stored and at your fingertips.

If you’re the crafty sort then you’ve probably got boxes of notions, yarn, paints, fabric swatches and a load of other crafting supplies that are either tucked away and hard to get to or they’re spread all over the place and creating quite a mess. Clean up the mess and keep your supplies where you need them by turning unused space into your dream hobby room.

Each crafter is different and has specific demands for their favorite pastimes so there are no universal rules or products that work for everyone. Instead, consider your needs and what would be most useful to you. Also look at your space to determine what will actually fit in the room. Be practical about your limitations and needs and you’ll be happiest with the end result.

The Craft Table

The craft table or hobby work area is the most important part of your craft room and probably will be the centerpiece and thing that most people see first. Spend a little extra on your craft table to get one that really suits your needs. Skip the card table and go for a table designed specifically for crafts and hobbies. Some of them have special storage for products, some keep tools right at hand, and some are feature adjustable height so you have more flexibility. Determine what size table you need and what features are most important to you then treat yourself to this one extravagance.

Peg and Cork Boards

Take advantage of every square inch of space and make the walls count. Attach pegboard and/or corkboards so you can store tools within reach and pin-up patterns and inspiration elements that you’re currently working with. You can paint both cork and pegboard to make it more attractive and to blend into the wall. You can even purchase squares of cork that can be stuck to the wall in a border type fashion, making it a bit more visually and aesthetically interesting.

Storage Options

Look for stores that sell used or unwanted kitchen cabinetry at deep discounts. These cabinets are usually perfect for housing craft supplies and many times they come with a handy countertop attached. Don’t feel trapped by the current condition of the cupboards, go ahead and paint them, stencil on them, line them with contact paper, or attach a new countertop that is more your style. Purchase smaller storage containers to keep like objects together and easy to find.


Detailed craft work requires ample lighting so task specific lighting is typically very useful. Look for a lamp with a moveable arm to position it where you need it or have a couple different lighting options available for different areas and tasks.

Flooring or Seating

If your craft requires a lot of standing then you’ll want to add flooring that isn’t hard on your feet, knees, or back. Look for rubber mats that will provide you the best support, purchase it in attractively colored squares that can be linked together and moved as necessary. If you’ll be sitting a lot you’ll want to find a chair that is not only comfortable but one that provides a lot of support so you won’t injure yourself doing something you love.

Remember when creating your perfect craft or hobby room that it’s really all about you so search for products that fit your needs, budget, and space. Once you get organized you’ll be amazed how much more fun your favorite hobby suddenly becomes.

10 Quick and Inexpensive Room Updates: 10 Ways you can Refresh your Décor in a Short Time for Less

Sometimes it just takes a little touch here and there to refresh an old decorating scheme. With these 10 cheap items, you can make your home look new and energized.

If you’re on a limited budget and want to make some changes to your home decor but without stretching your already thin finances further, use the following 10 decorating tricks

Look for Lamps

Brighten your rooms with great lamps. Don’t just buy the first one you find, but take the time to look for unusual and perfect lamps that seem to speak to you. Let your lamps do more than add light, let them have a personality of their own.

Unusual Art

Add artistic touches that are a bit out of the norm, consider items that are not normally thought of as artwork. Antiques are a great place to start as the small collection of antique bottles made in Wisconsin (shown in the photo) proves. In addition, the photo features a simple, inexpensive full-length mirror resting lengthwise on the mantle to create more visual interest.

Crazy Chair

Look for a unique chair that’s just a little bit off and you’ve got a wonderful conversation starter and additional seating. This chair doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that appeals to you because of its looks and form. You also don’t have to match the chair to the rest of the home, go for something that doesn’t match in fact.

Frame Crazy

Use frames for things other than pictures. Consider framing notes and mementos from days gone by. Use shadowbox frames to draw attention to treasured items such as a generational piece of jewelry, a shell collected on the beach on your honeymoon, any little trinket you’ve got tucked away because of its sentimental value.

Use Books

Books can be great conversation starters. Rather than going with traditional coffee table books, put out a few that really say something about you. If you’re interested in a scholarly area of study, put a few of those books out. If you like knitting, put some knitting pattern books on your coffee table. And don’t haphazardly display your treasured books, but use them as supports for other knickknacks, or to raise candles and give them height interest.


Throw pillows with vivid patterns or bright colors can really enliven a room and they typically don’t cost much, especially if you know how to work a sewing machine. And if you are going to do it yourself, how about using a color photocopier and iron on paper to create your own unique fabric.

Bring In the Garden

Whether you add plants to your decorating scheme or garden accessories, a little touch of the outside really refreshes the inside. Think outside the box and invest in some garden accessories, a bird bath with a glass top makes a great coffee table. And plants give every room new energy.

Use Words

Consider decorating with words throughout the home to give it more visual interest. Large quotes painted on one wall are now common and popular, especially in children’s rooms and kitchens, but by being creative you can use words in better ways. Rather than adding stripes to a wall, use stencils and write in the stripes. Much more interesting and full of excitement and meaning, words are the way to go.

Look Down

Add some visual interest to your floor. A hand latched rug in personalized colors is a great way to bring excitement to a room. Or paint a large piece of canvas and create a floor cloth that shows your artistic skill. Neither of these ideas requires real skill as abstract art is something everyone can do.

Find the Time

Clocks are a great inexpensive decorating item. Create a unique collection of clocks in an artistic arrangement, make your own clocks out of unusual items, run ribbon through old watch faces or come up with your own vision.

These inexpensive decorating tricks help you spruce up your décor without spending a lot of time and money. They’re also great ways to infuse a little personality into your home. Remember the best decorating schemes say something special about the people who live there.

Redecorate a Living Room with Low-Cost Materials: Somewhat Cheap Home Improvement Projects that Won’t Blow a Budget

Rejuvenate a living room or family room by making a few inexpensive decorating changes. Use seasonal themes or create a unique style that reflects one’s personality.

Seasonal changes and personal mood often bring out the urge to redecorate, but supplies and professional decorators are expensive. As people continue to weather an economic recession, many have turned to more budget-friendly creative ideas to give a home a new look.

Calculate a Budget and Decide on a Decorating Style

No matter what time of year the decorating mood strikes, one can rework a family room to make it look like new without going to the expense and hassle of painting or wallpapering. Simple changes can increase the energy flow of an entire house. Specific modifications to a single room can elicit a calming effect, especially where serene colors and accent preferences cast spiritual peace and harmony. Or perhaps the decorator prefers bold vibrant colors and eccentric accents that pulsate with energy.

Whatever the preference, one must first devise a cost plan and then decide what home improvements can be made without exceeding the financial limit. A few low-budget possibilities are listed below.

  • Add new slipcovers to one or more pieces of furniture.
  • Add (or remove) decorative pillows.
  • Change lampshade styles.
  • Hang one or two new pictures or try decorative wall accents for a change.
  • Add a different style window treatment. Use heavier fabrics for cold weather, light and airy fabrics for spring and summer.
  • Add an area rug.
  • Add live plants to end tables or use fresh cut flowers.
  • Fill a tall decorative floor vase with ornamental grasses.
  • Add scented candles. (If candles pose a problem because of children, then invest in an air freshener that works on a timer.)
  • Clean the rug or carpet. The fresh scent and clean feeling enhance a room’s appearance. Steam cleaners can be rented at many larger grocery stores, hardware stores, and even some drugstores.

Change the Living Room Décor for Free

Redo a living space without spending any money. Creativity costs nothing and yields great rewards. Remember to keep traffic areas obstacle-free and don’t be afraid to try different furniture arrangements.

  • Move the furniture around. There is no law that says furniture must be lined up along the walls of the room. In larger living rooms, try sectioning spaces for different purposes, like creating a horseshoe sitting area around the entertainment center, for example.
  • Utilize a bare space or corner. Add a small table and chair. Finish with a small plant, notepad, and pen to make a simple-but-usable office space. Another possibility: Turn the corner into a reading area by adding a floor lamp, recliner, and a magazine caddy or bookshelf.
  • Eliminate clutter. Throw out or store items no longer wanted or needed. Better yet, if one has enough salable items in good condition, why not have a yard sale and make a few dollars.
  • Rework existing pictures and photos. Use different display patterns for groups of like photos such as family pictures.
  • Bring the outdoors inside. Cut garden flowers and display arrangements in one or two eye-catching spots in the living room.

Sources and Tips for Decorating with Colors, Patterns, Sound, and Seasons

Feng Shui practitioners offer practical advice on using colors, harmony, sound, and increased energy flow. Additionally, there are virtually hundreds of online home decorating sites, and hard-copy magazines offer budget decorating tips and advice on how to reach the desired look. A little homework can bring out the best in a room.

It’s a smart idea to take photos of a room before investing in color accents such as slipcovers, accent pillows, and so forth. Take the photos to the store when choosing decorative items. Keep patterns, textures, and object sizes in mind when purchasing new items. Don’t forget about thrift stores and dollar stores when searching for home furnishings.

  • To obtain a balanced look with contrast, use patterned or flowered accent pillows on solid upholstered furniture, and vice-versa. Choose colors and textures that compliment or coordinate. A subtle touch of bold coloring livens a room without disrupting the overall effect.
  • Cool effects require cool colors such as pale blues, cream, pale green, and so forth. Bright colors and some abstract artwork adds tension to a room, so don’t overdo it.
  • Computer home design programs are great for comparing colors and textures; but if that’s not an option, then draw a picture. Use markers to see how colors and patterns will work. It’s much easier (and a lot less frustrating) to work things out on paper than to have to keep returning items to a store.
  • Experiment with sound, lighting, scents, and environmental decor. If a peaceful sanctuary is the desired goal, then bring a living room together with instrumental music, soft lighting, and lush plants. Active families with young children and pets may desire the more stimulating effects of bright bold colors, washable pillows, and tough houseplants.

Decorating a living space on a budget is fun and psychologically uplifting. A clean, clutter-free room reduces stress. Enhanced with complimenting decorative changes, the room takes on an inviting essence.

A family living area is an extension of the people who live there, but it is also the room that visitors are apt to see first. Attention to small details such as color coordination, artistic displays, and even the scent of the room all contribute to the overall appearance. Small changes can have a huge impact when decorating. The price tag might be cheap, but when the project is completed, the results can look professional.


The chair can be the best option to be used in the offices for the comfort zone. Even the stressful office hours of the eight hours continuously can be lessened by the use of eh office chairs that may also sometimes prove to be ergonomic in their kind. There is a lot of evidence about how the chirrs can become a risk for the cardiovascular system and also hurt the lower back region.


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There are some chairs that usually come with the mesh adjustments. These can be easily altered in their angles. One of the best chairs in this category that can also come under 200$ is the “Balt Buterfly executive Chair”. This chair is totally contoured in its built and also comes with a natural lumbar support. The chair is a great one with respect to the comfort it gives to the neck regions. No matter what is the posture of the person seated, this can act like a reclining chair. There are also armrests to make the situations better.


The chairs that come with the best comfort zones are the obes that can keep the employees intact to their tasks throughout the day. When t is quite easy to afford to buy these chairs, they can meet up t expectations of the entire office.